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The Bread Bakethrough: Guinness and Treacle Bread

The Guinness and Treacle bread is on page 28 of 100 Great Breads, by Paul Hollywood, the patron saint of breads, well at least he is in my house. There are a hundred recipes, so to make sure I get … Continue reading

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No-Knead Bread

I had been a fan of Artisan Bread in 5 for a while, when I realised I’d never actually baked any of their recipes. Part of the fun of making bread for me (and also because I’m a bloke) is … Continue reading

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A tale of two loaves, white and crusty

There is a known psychological phenomenon where people who are rubbish at doing something, say singing, think they’re fantastic. This is because they lack the skill to recognise exactly how bad they are. Let’s face it, if you’re tone deaf, … Continue reading

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Seeded Burger Buns

I thought I’d make my own burger buns as part of the Evernote Burger Cook-Along, tweaking the old recipe for burger buns so that I could make them fluffier and lighter. This one uses slightly more water to flour to … Continue reading

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This week’s food planning included Sumptuous Spoonful’s Cheddar Chilli Chicken and Avocado on Foccacia, so I thought what the hell, let’s make the foccacia too. This recipe is heavily based on Paul Hollywood’s recipe for foccacia from the Beeb website. … Continue reading

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Wholemeal Pitta Bread

As bread recipes go, this one isnt that complicated at all, but there are some limiting factors you have to consider like how hot your oven gets, and whether or no you have a baking stone (I don’t). My favourite … Continue reading

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“Strombatta” – Where Stromboli Meets Ciabatta

Back when I first started baking bread, I had the idea of forging an unholy union between a stromboli and a ciabatta. The dream of creating the perfect bread roll in one inspired me figure it out step by step, … Continue reading

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A Sourdough Method (Sourdough-Fu)

Sourdough is something of an enigma to me.  I’ve read dozens of recipes.  They’re all the same and they’re all different.   First, of course you have to make your starter, and that too seems to have lots of variations … Continue reading

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How to Cut Bread Straight

Yeah, it’s all happened to us before. We come down in the morning, looking to get a nice slice of toast, pull the bread out and there it is, a steep angle on the loaf rather than a neat vertical … Continue reading

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How to Make A Sourdough Starter

We’re quite big fans of sourdough chez Kungfoodie, so I finally decided to pull me finger out and do something about it. What should have taken a couple of weeks has taken a fair bit longer than I’d thought. Getting … Continue reading

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