About The Kungfoodie

Cooking and the martial arts have a surprising number of similarities.

Firstly, they are both high-level skills that take proper practise, perseverance and time to master.

Secondly, both cannot simply be learnt from books. Experience extremely important tomthe learning process.

Thirdly, anyone can learn. What holds people back in cooking and in kung fu is the belief that they can’t do it.

When I started teaching myself to cook, I really didn’t have a clue. To give an example, I never paid attention to what cooked chicken was supposed to look like, so when I roasted my first bird, I wasn’t sure, so I over roasted it. When it came out it it was so tough I swear it was bulletproof. It’s taken a few years of cooking curtains carbonara, bolognaise swamp and exploding eggs to get to a basic level of competence, but I think I’ve got somewhere with a bit of persistence.

But then everyone has to start somewhere.

So this blog is for you, the newbie (or not-so newbie) cook, who’s decided that he or she wants to learn. You can achieve something that you’ll like with a little bit of proper practise. Like any worthwhile skill, you just have to invest the time and effort into your training to improve on your skill, and if you don’t have the skill, cheat! Cooking is slightly different from kung fu in that you can get someone else to make something that you can’t do (sunblushed tomatoes anyone?) and include it in your cooking.

There are so many great food blogs out there, some requiring professional-level skills to pull the dishes off, and some more accessible to the neophyte cook. In the spirit of making the most of what we have many of the recipes I try to share are ones that you can pull together without skills that you’ll learn in a pro cookery school.

Most of all, this blog is something of a record of a learning process. Some things go wrong, sometimes spectacularly so, but that’s all part of the path you walk when learning anything worthwhile. I guess I think that if my readers take away one thing from their visits here, it’s that it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong five times, as long as you learn something, however small from each failure. One day it’ll come right!

So I hope you’ll enjoy your visit here, and learn a bit whilst you have a giggle or two.