The Pink Whisk’s Peach and Blueberry Boy Bait

Ed from Mr Foodie: A guest post from Mrs Foodie. I had used my mum’s birthday as an excuse to convince her to make it. It’s a lot of effort, but well worth the wait!

Mr Foodie volunteered me to make a dish for the mother-in-law’s birthday. Hooray! But her partner had already bagged making the birthday cake. Right.. perfect excuse to make the Pink Whisk’s peach and blueberry boy bait. Mr Foodie has been drooling over it since she made it on the Great British Bake Off back in 2010. With Ruth’s comment saying it feeds a hungry family, the deal was sealed. I told Mr Foodie that if he wanted to be baited, he’d have to distract the JBug so off they went to soft play.

I had a read through the recipe several times before baking as it has a number of steps (hence the need for childcare and no interruptions!). The list of ingredients looks a bit daunting as it’s quite long but this is only because Ruth has helpfully listed what you need in the order that you need it. Once you group the ingredients together, it’s less daunting! A few weeks previously, blueberries were on offer in the supermarket so I bought a couple of punnets and froze them ahead. I defrosted them the night before so on the morning of the bake they were defrosted but a bit wet. I dried them off as best I could with kitchen towel. Then I was ready to start. The boy bait recipe is divided into 3 parts – cake bottom, middle jammy layer and a crumble topping.

First you make the cake. Ruth’s instructions are extremely clear and the accompanying photos and comments very helpful. Within 25 minutes this was baking in the oven. As I didn’t have a big enough shallow dish, I ended up using a deep one. While it was baking I turned my attention to the jammy layer. This was pretty straightforward – put all the ingredients in a pan, put on the hob over a low heat and stir. It took a bit longer than the 7 minutes Ruth suggested because I didn’t have the heat high enough initially as I was afraid of burning it (we have a hob and once its hot, it takes forever to cool down). At 45-50 minutes the cake was, as Ruth says, golden brown and slightly springy to the touch but it was really quite wobbly and when I tested it with a skewer the mixture was still very raw. I thought about this and realised that this is probably because if it’s cooked at this point, then it will be over-cooked once you return it to the oven with the jammy layer and crumble topping. However given that this was going to feed a heavily pregnant sister in law and 2 toddlers as well as the rest of us, I covered it with foil and put it back in the oven for about another 10 minutes so it was less wobbly. Perhaps this was due to the deep dish or my oven or using slightly wet blueberries.

While the cake was back in the oven, I made the crumble layer. This was quick and easy to make for anyone who has ever made a crumble. For those that haven’t, just follow Ruth’s instructions. Once the cake was out of the oven, I spread the jammy layer over the top followed by the crumble topping. These were both returned to the oven for a further 15 minutes. At this point, the crumble topping was golden brown but the cake at the very bottom still seemed raw so back in it went for about another 10 minutes. Once it was cool enough to handle, it was over to my sister and brother-in-law’s house for feasting.

Well by the time we got to dessert we were all pretty full but everyone made room for pudding. It was delicious. The cake on the bottom was really light, the jammy layer not too sweet and the cinnamon in the crumble topping really came through. The best comment about it though was from my brother-in-law “even though I am completely full, I still want more of it!” It’s certainly safe to say that all the boys were baited and I think the girls as well! I shall definitely be making this again. As Ruth says it feeds a hungry family. There were leftovers (delicious the next day even when cold) but that’s probably partly due to us stuffing ourselves with the main course as well as birthday cake and dessert!

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