The Pink Whisk’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Saturday we went to one of the local garage showrooms to look at and test drive a couple of cars. On the way back, we had to go to the supermarket as, rather unusually, we had run out of bread (Mr Foodie’s bread is so good we eat it pretty quickly and he hadn’t had a chance to make any). While he was in there, Mr Foodie spotted that a certain brand of chocolate chip cookies were on offer and decided to buy some but found they had sold out! He returned to the car looking rather disappointed so that evening I took pity on him and made a batch.

I used the Pink Whisk’s chocolate chip cookies recipe which I’ve made a couple of times before but this time I decided to change the flavour chocolate chip and chopped hazelnuts in honour of the well known brand. The great thing about it is you can use whatever you have in the cupboard to flavour them as long as you put in 200g of it. Ruth gives a number of suggestions in her recipe.

I decided to make this in the food processor (we don’t own a mixer) as the mixture gets very stiff towards the end so is quite hard work on your arms but you can make it by hand as well. First you cream together butter and sugar. As there is quite a lot of sugar in this recipe, you get more of a thick paste rather than the nice light fluffy mix you get when making a cake. Next you add 1 egg and vanilla extract. My mixture curdled at this point (it always seems to no matter what I do) but I just carried on beating until both were mixed in. After that you add flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt and baking powder then, once all that is mixed in, you stir in your oats. Finally you add whatever you want to flavour your cookies with. I put in 100g of chocolate chips and 100g of chopped hazelnuts (I just bought the already chopped nuts from the supermarket but you could chop your own). In the past I have made these cookies just with chocolate chips and also chocolate chip and raisin. The food processor was really struggling to mix this by now and, as I didn’t want my nuts and chocolate pulverised into oblivion, I stirred these last ingredients in by hand.

You then roll the mixture into balls about 1.5inch in diameter and put on well greased baking trays (or you can line them with non-stick baking paper but I didn’t bother to this time and they didn’t stick). They are quick to cook – it took just 8 minutes for mine to be golden brown at the edges. Then take them out of the oven but leave to cool on the trays for 10 minutes before removing and putting on a wire rack to finish cooling otherwise they will fall apart. We have 2 baking trays (and I needed 3) so there was a delay in putting the last batch in but it didn’t make any difference to the mixture. Ruth says her recipe makes 24, I got 27.

The cookies are lovely and chewy (and especially delicious when they are still warm as the chocolate chip are still molten). The nuts worked really well so I’ll definitely be making this combination again and probably trying out a few more of Ruth’s suggestions. They are quick and easy to make so handy if unexpected visitors turn up demanding to be fed!!!

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