Seeded Burger Buns

I thought I’d make my own burger buns as part of the Evernote Burger Cook-Along, tweaking the old recipe for burger buns so that I could make them fluffier and lighter. This one uses slightly more water to flour to make the dough wetter and thus more springy when you bake it.

This dough is a lot wetter than the other burger bun recipe, and it rises a LOT when you bake it. The buns I made for the Evernote Burger Cook-Along ended up being mini-loaves! If the temperature’s right and the day isn’t too cold, you can probably whiz through all the steps below in about 3 hours start to finish. That’s quite fast for my kitchen as it’s not too warm, so if yours is rather hot, you can probably expect the dough to make a bid for freedom :)


For the dough:
400g strong white flour
300ml warm water (37C if you can get it that precise)
1 tsp yeast (or 1 sachet of fast acting yeast)
8g salt

For finishing:
1 beaten egg for egg wash
A handful of mixed seeds

Time was at a premium the day I made the burgers, so the burger buns would have to rise quickly, so the yeast would have to be really active. One way to do this is to get the water to 37C, which is the optimum temperature for yeast (ignoring the rule of 54 for now) to thrive.

Mix all the ingredients together and knead it till smooth and silky. The dough will be sticky as it’s 75% water/flour. It’s just on the edge of being kneadable the conventional way. You might find it varies a bit depending on the flour you’re using, but if it’s too sticky, don’t add flour, lightly oil your worktop with olive oil and work the dough.

Let it rise in a warm place until the dough doesn’t quite spring back when you poke it with your finger (or when it’s doubled in size)

Shape into several rolls, I tend to weigh the dough out and divide up into 3-5 portions for large rolls or 5-8 for smaller ones.

Leave on a baking tray to prove until they’ve doubled in size (or the above poke test happens again)

Egg wash them, and sprinkle the mixed seeds on top.

Get your oven up to 220C, and in they go for 15 minutes or so. They’ll be a nice golden brown when they’re done. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes and serve with burgers immediately.

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