Sams Kitchen Cinnamon, Oat and Raisin Cookies

I love cinnamon. It’s a smell that always reminds me of Christmas, a warming spice on a cold day and chez Foodie it gets added to various recipes other than cake. It’s very good on porridge with honey and also surprisingly good in plain yoghurt with jam (this was the Jbug’s discovery not mine!). I was browsing through Sams Kitchen last week and to my delight found a couple of biscuit recipes where cinnamon takes centre stage. I chose to bake the cinnamon, oat and raisin cookies as this looked a simple recipe, perfect for baking with an almost 3 year old. I doubled the recipe as the original one makes 8 which would have been scoffed in no time at all!

While the oven was preheating, I set the Jbug to work greasing oven trays. He likes doing this but does have a tendency to grease one small spot very well whilst omitting the rest of the tray! Once they were greased and lined, we measured both light brown and dark brown sugar, self raising flour, baking powder, cinnamon, raisins and oats into a bowl. JBug sampled as many ingredients as possible as we weighed them in – he enjoyed the raisins but wasn’t very keen on the flour! Once they were all in the bowl, we gave them a quick stir to ensure they were evenly distributed before adding the butter and the egg. We mixed again until well combined and the mixture had formed a dough. It was stickier than I expected. Then we measured tablespoons of the mixture onto a tray and then I formed them into balls using a bit of extra flour to stop them sticking to my fingers. Finally I flattened them slightly with my palm. JBug meanwhile was busy licking the bowl clean!

We put them in the oven and baked them for 15 minutes. By then, they were golden brown but not firm as the recipe says they should be. I took them out anyway as I thought they might harden up when cooling and I didn’t want them to overbake.

Once they were cool, we tried one. It was soft and chewy with an obvious but not overpowering cinnamon flavour. It also lighter than some oat based cookies I’ve made in the past. They were so good I made another batch the next day and sent it to Mr Foodie’s work who quickly demolished it.

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