Mary Berry’s Best Ever Chocolate Fudge Cake

Mr Foodie’s work had planned a small celebration for their first anniversary so I volunteered to make a cake. I haven’t made a chocolate cake in years but thought it would be appropriate for a celebration. To be honest I was a bit nervous as in the past my chocolate cakes have come out rather dry and tasteless. I had a look through my baking books as well as some recipes for chocolate cakes online. I picked this one as it uses the all in one method (which I’ve had quite a lot of practice with) and didn’t use any ingredients that were either going to be difficult to source or would only use a small quantity that we wouldn’t get used up in another recipe. This is yet another recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

For this cake you need 2 20cm / 8 inch deep sandwich tins. I only own one of those but I do have a springform tin of that size so I used that instead. Once the oven was preheating and the tins greased with the bases lined with greaseproof paper, I got the rest of the ingredients together. First I sifted some cocoa powder into a large bowl then mixed in 6 tablespoons of boiling water. Then I added eggs, milk, self raising flour, baking powder, softened butter and caster sugar and beat the mixture until it become a batter. The butter took ages to mix in despite being soft and I started to worry I was overbeating the batter. It was also runnier than I expected and was hard to divide between the 2 tins without making a bit of a mess! I baked it for 25 minutes then left it to cool. Once the cakes were cool, I placed them on a plate in my tin with one on top of the other but a layer of greaseproof to separate them as I didn’t have time to ice them the same day.

The next day I made the icing. I warmed some apricot jam in a pan then spread it over the top of one cake and the base of another. Next I broke chocolate into a pieces and put it in a heatproof bowl together with some cream. The bowl was then placed on top of a pan of simmering water and I stirred this mixture occasionally until the chocolate had just melted. This was much quicker than I thought it would be and certainly not the 10 minutes the recipe suggests! Then it was left to cool until it was almost setting. I didn’t think this was take too long but in fact it was nearly 2 hours later before the icing reached this point. I then sandwiched the cakes together and spread some icing on the top.

At this point I would usually sample a cake. However I thought it might be a bit rude to send in a cake for a celebration with a slice missing so off it went to Mr Foodie’s work intact! They really enjoyed it and one person even asked for the recipe. Mr Foodie kindly saved a slice so I could sample it. This is a very chocolatey but light and moist cake. I fully expected this cake to be much richer because of the ganache in the middle and on top but it wasn’t at all. I’ll definitely be making this one again.

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