Kitchen Gadgets – The iPad

Photo by Sean McEntee

There is something about gadgets that make men go all funny. I should know, there have been many occasions when I have drooled over that extra gigabyte, enthused about 1080p HDTV’s and had KitchenAid envy.

We don’t have too many kitchen gadgets, mainly because of space and cost, so what gadgets we do have, need to do a lot of things, which brings me to the following fact.

My favourite kitchen gadget is my iPad

But why? It will not crack eggs, nor will knead dough. Its not got any moving parts on it, it won’t heat anything and you certainly can’t use it to mix anything up.

The iPad’s talent is its ease of use, and its ability to display information. It can present almost any media you can think of.

Need that recipe displayed, no problem. Need to refer to another recipe? No worries, just bring it up – no pulling out another recipe book. Don’t know how to knead? Watch that video there and then! Stumped by how to joint a chicken, watch the video, pause it, do it and then carry on.

It’s a perfect tool for reference and also for learning. You can display pictures of what your cooking is supposed to look like when you get to that point of the recipe, and judge instantly whether you’ve gone wrong or not. You can crossreference your own notes with the recipes whose ideas you drew from and you can search on the fly for ideas even whilst you’re cooking.

It doesn’t end there either.

You can prop it up almost anywhere, and use almost any part of your arm (or nose for that matter) to operate it. In fact, you can buy a stylus for it, which will allow you to prod it into action. Stylii can be mounted on the end of a chopstick, and that means you don’t need clean hands to operate the iPad.

Apple have done a great job, it’s easy to use and also portable enough for it to occupy a small corner of your worktop.

I use Evernote on my iPad, and it’s a free app (although I pay for it), which allows me to clip directly from my web browser, so I’ll never forget that recipe that looked oh so good. If you’re browsing on your PC and find something you think you want to try out, just clip it, sync it and when you look at Evernote on your iPad, it’ll just be there.

It can play your favourite tunes in the background whilst you’re cooking, and if you hit a quiet spot during proceedings, you can watch TV, check out blogs and podcasts, and if you’re particularly frustrated, slay zombies!

My iPad may frequently be in need of cleaning, as by the end of the cooking day it’s usually got bits of dough stuck to it, and will smell faintly of garlic, but I really couldn’t do without it!

P.S. The best thing to clean an iPad? Baby wipes! I swear they remove just about anything!

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