How to Fry Bacon Perfectly (If You Have Time)

This video here gives a very interesting method to fry bacon.

You use water! Intrigued, I gave this a go.

The water allows the bacon to cook without drying out as is poaching rather than frying, and the heat also allows the fat in the bacon to render. When the water has boiled away, the fat left in the pan fries the bacon, and allows you to get a nice crispy finish.

Like any worthwhile kitchen skill, it’ll take a couple of goes to get right, but the resuls are worth it. The bacon is nice and crispy without getting too brittle. It works better with streaky than back bacon, the higher fat content makes it easier to get it nice and crispy.

Things I noticed

It’s slooooooow. It took about 20 minutes to get one batch of rashers done. Conventional way takes less than 5 minutes. Does the difference justify the time? It’s worth it if you have the time, but most of the time, bacon is a quick food for me so I wouldn’t be doing this too often.

The bacon does become sligthly less bacony. Some of the seasoning and baconiness of the bacon leaches into the water. Its still in the oil that is rendered, but a little bit of flavour escapes which is not so bad as the bacon I get from my butcher has a very strong flavour.

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