How to Cut Bread Straight

Yeah, it’s all happened to us before. We come down in the morning, looking to get a nice slice of toast, pull the bread out and there it is, a steep angle on the loaf rather than a neat vertical slice. This makes me unhappy. Slices from then on are all going to have different and varying thicknesses, and those don’t toast well at all.

So after watching YouTube for inspiration, I borrowed some tricks from the carpenters, and here’s what you do to get your bread straight.

Step 1 – Turn the bread over so that you’re looking at the flat bit and score a straight line to follow.





Step 2 – Put the bread on its edge and line your eye up so that you’re looking vertically downward on it. The knife should line up with the line you’ve scored.






Step 3 – Saw, don’t press. Keep the bread knife moving, sawing all the time but never pressing

down, if you do you’ll just squidge the bread and get an uneven wonky line. If you just keep following the line you should end up with a straight cut

There you go, a vertical cut and an slice of even thickness.

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