Holly Bell’s Chocolate, Hazelnut and Orange Wrinkly Biscuits

Holly’s cherry, white chocolate and apricot oaty biscuits were so well received the other week that I thought I’d give another one of her biscuit recipes ago. I chose this one as I was intrigued by the title chocolate hazelnut and orange wrinkly biscuits – I’ve never heard a biscuit described as wrinkly before although I can see why from the photo! Skimming through the ingredients I noticed we had the lot and as jBug had earlier expressed an interest in doing some baking, we were all set.

First you cream together butter, sugar and Nutella together with a wooden spoon. This was harder work than I thought it would be as our Nutella wasn’t particularly soft but eventually this was all combined and soft. I didn’t look at the clock but I don’t think I did it for as long as Holly recommended. At this point jBug decided he didn’t want to bake after all and would rather I come and play with him. I was in a bit of a quandry at this point as I had already started and didn’t want waste the mixture so decided to continue as this looked like a pretty quick bake. This was a mistake as he spent the remaining time wanting my attention which made it pretty hard to focus!

Next I added one beaten egg and stirred it into the butter, sugar and Nutella mixture. The mixture curdled at this point so I just kept on stirring until it was well combined. Then I added the flour, bicarbonate of soda and some orange extract and mixed them together well. The mixture was really wet and reminded me more of cake mixture than cookie dough.

I placed tablespoons onto baking sheets well spaced apart (or so I thought!) and baked them for 10 minutes until they had puffed up. When I removed them from the oven, I found the biscuits had merged so instead of having 9 per tray I had 3 large ones!! I decided not to separate them but pressed my hand lightly down on top to flatten them, left them to cool for 5 minutes then put them back in the oven to bake for another 5 minutes.

I left them to cool on the tray for a few minutes, separated them out and placed on a wire rack to finish cooling. They were pale brown and very very thin. Happily they didn’t break up when I transferred them to the rack. Once they were cool it was time to taste. I was quite disappointed by their appearance – they weren’t very wrinkly and were extremely thin. However they were chewy on the inside and I could taste the orange flavour which was present but without being overpowering. It is entirely possible that they didn’t turn out right as I was distracted by the jBug’s attention seeking so may have mis-weighed an ingredient or two! Next time I make them I’ll do it when he’s asleep!!!

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