Holly Bell’s Cherry, White Chocolate and Apricot Oaty Biscuits

The JBug started preschool last week just 2 mornings. It’s lovely to have some time to myself and good for him to dip his toe into the educational world but it comes with the price of managing an overtired toddler’s behaviour. Last Sunday he was a right pain in the neck so once he was in bed, I headed to the kitchen for a bit of stress relief baking.

I have a massive list of biscuit recipes to bake my way through and quite a few are Holly Bell’s. Holly was a finalist in the 2011 Great British Bake Off and she has some great biscuit recipes on her site. This one for cherry, white chocolate and apricot oaty biscuits is the first one I’ve tried but it won hands down as I already had all the ingredients stashed in my baking box.

First I cut up the glace cherries and apricots using a pair of scissors. Next I got to break up the white chocolate into shards using a rolling pin. This was a very satisfying stress relieving moment although I did get a bit carried away and ended up with a lot more crumbs than shards! Next I beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. To stop the sugar flying all over the kitchen, I used a wooden spoon to mix the two together first before getting the handheld electric whisk to finish the job. I then added the fruit, chocolate, porridge oats and self raising flour to the butter and sugar and mixed everything together.

Once it was all mixed up, I put tablespoons of the mixture onto baking trays lined with greaseproof paper. I got 9 cookies to a tray and baked them for 15 minutes until slightly brown round the edges. Once they had cooled on a baking sheet for 5 minutes, I put them on a wire tray to finish cooling. Then I sampled one. It was still warm :-) . These cookies have a texture that was quite similar to shortbread and the white chocolate was still warm and oozing. Despite the white chocolate and sugar I didn’t find them overly sweet. By the following day they had become more chewy and crumbly but were still delicious. A quick straightforward bake and definitely one to make again.

(Mr Foodie): I set a timer nowadays whenever I take something the Mrs has baked to the office, and time how long the bake takes to be finished. This one survived for 8 hours 32 minutes!

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