Chilli Chicken and Avocado on Foccacia

That photo isn’t anywhere near as good as it could have looked. This was really an attempt at making Sumptuous Spoonful’s recipe, but it didn’t quite turn out like that.

My excuses are as follows:
1) I forgot to add red lettuce to the shopping list
2) I forgot the tomatoes
3) It was done at the end of a rather brutal day at work, and I just didn’t have the energy to make it look nice.

But, happily the sandwich didn’t seem to suffer for it.

The chicken breasts we used were butterflied, so that they were all about the same thickness. This was done so we’d know how long they’d take on the griddle pan. About 1cm in thickness cooks in about 6 minutes on our stove.

When they were 90% cooked they came off the heat. Cheddar slices were slapped on top and under a medium grill they went.

As our grill is also the same unit as our oven, the foccacia went in underneath the chicken with the melting cheese to warm up.

The spread of mayo, smoked paprika and omion powder is easy enough to make, just mix it all together and slap it on the bread. Add a few thinly sliced rings of onion, enough to offer a hint of onion but not overpower the breath and then put it all together.

None of the above was terribly difficult to do, which is great at 7:30 in the evening after a long day.

There is a knack to putting sandwiches together, as the heaviness of the filling needs to be complemented by the lightness of the bread and this recipe gets it right in a big way. The smoked paprika also adds a nice smoky dimension to the dish, and it made me think of the classic chicken and bacon combo that is dear to my heart.

As a light supper, it was great, and it’ll also work as a lunch sandwich.

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