Boiled Eggs like Heston!

OK we’re going through a bit of a Heston phase as his series “How to cook like Heston” is currently on Channel4

Annie’s quite partial to boiled eggs, and good old Heston presented us with a trick to get perfect boiled eggs. He said,
“Don’t boil them. Heat an egg until it just starts to boil and then take it off the heat.”

Leave for six minutes and then serve. That’s about it.

I saw this and thought, yeah… right.. pull the other one. There’s got to be some trick to it that’ll mean we’re gonna have to spend ages practising. A formula like this Egg Cooking Calculator and he’s just pulling our leg.

My first attempt um.. worked. Not to be deterred, and convinced that this had to be a healthy dose of beginner’s luck, I tried it again several more times, and they came out perfect each time. So, hats off to you Heston!

Short post this one, it was that simple… But I have a shameless plug. Go visit and check out them cooking tips. Most of them are accessible tips that even the noobiest of cooks (like me) can get to grips with!

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