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Burger Buns

Makes 8 – 10 500g strong white bread flour 50p 7g yeast 3p 10g salt – 1p 300ml water – warm, 100 ml boiling water and 200ml cold water Total cost 54p vs approx £1.80 for 10 sainsburys burger buns … Continue reading

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The Hawksmoor (Steakhouse of Legend)

The Hawksmoor, steakhouse of legend, the place where steaks can do no wrong. I had been dreaming of visiting this place, but like all good legends, one has to wait a bit or a lot to make the legend even … Continue reading

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Home Made Burgers (Burger-fu)

This recipe is cobbled together from various different sources, it’s part slider, part burger, and doesn’t involve too much cheating. Doing burgers this way did make me realise is that much of the enjoyment of a burger does actually come … Continue reading

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GBBO Inspired Foccacia

Following on from my successful attempt at stromboli, my attentions now turn to foccacia, as once I master this, the “stro-caccia” then becomes a possibility This recipe is really Paul Hollywood’s. I don’t think I’m brave enough to do ciabatta … Continue reading

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Kungfoodie Goes Veggie!

Anyone called Yotam automatically earns lots of points in my book for having a cool name. His surname’s Ottolenghi to boot, the sort of name that makes you think he knows what he’s doing, and he does. In my house … Continue reading

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