What can you get from a chicken?

I make no apologies for being the nerd that I am. Whilst not always cool, full frontal nerdity does make for some interesting perspectives, like how much can you get from a shop bought chicken? Assuming you have reasonably average cookery skills and YouTube, how much value can you wring from a single bird

So, I thought I’d track how much we got on average from every purchase of the largest bird we could get from our local butcher Fullers, and totalled up all of the product we managed to squeeze out of one chicken on average.

On average each chicken cost about £10 and weighed about 2.5 kgs.
We managed to get from this chicken by jointing it ourselves:
420g on average of breast meat
230g on average of thigh
250 on average of drumstick
2 wings, effectively 1/4 of a meal
3 litres of stock

Next, I went to our local Sainsbury’s and looked up some prices and found the following:
3 litres of stock from sSinsbury’s would cost you 1.18 x 6= £7.08
420g of free range chicken breast costs approximately £6.29
230g of free range chicken thigh costs about £1.08
250g of drumstick costs 1.12
Wings – they didn’t sell wings.
50g or so of chicken fat

Not counting wings, this comes to £15.57

Total amount saved at least £5.57 per chicken.

So, provided you use up all that stock (not a problem in this house) and wings, you’re effectively not spending £5.57 per chicken. It’s like getting a third off your chicken, stock and schmaltz every couple of weeks or so.

We get through a chicken every couple of weeks here so over a year we end up saving about £100. That’s not too bad a saving considering £100 is pretty useful in this day and age. It’s a boatload of new toys for Jacob, and a few new clothes for Annie. Besides, if you continue to make savings here and there, it’ll soon add up to quite a bit.

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