The Gaucho Broadgate

The Gaucho Broadgate is slap bang in the middle of City, and it’s a fine place for corporate entertainment. Believe you me they’re good at it.  Elegant surrounding, cowhide chairs and front of house staff with skill and discipline that reminded me of the Bolshoi.
I asked my two questions of the waiting staff, and they had answers to both of them, the ribeye and the ribeye, but to be sure I understood what was on the menu, they brought a slab with the various cuts of meat around to show me what I’d be tucking into later that evening.  Everything from the recommended ribeye (medium rare), to succulent filet (rare) and a speciality Tira de Ancho, a spiral cut that’s grilled over 25 minutes.
They knew enough about the meat to satisfy this curious cat, and so I settled on the ribeye, medium rare.
Such attention to detail promises a lot, and I was licking my lips.  Would the Gaucho live up to it’s reputation?
When that sizzling slab of Argentine beef arrived, it looked very good.  I’d taken chunks out of it before it occurred to me to photograph it.
It had been done more on the well done side of medium.  It was still a good ribeye by many standards, but I just couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, given the great reputation that the Gaucho had, and especially given the price that it all came at.
Perhaps I should have sent it back.  I didn’t because I’m sometimes too nice. Maybe next time I will.
To be fair to them, I might have just been there on a night when they were especially busy or the chef a little rushed off his feet and if I’m ever there again I’ll see if this was just a blip in otherwise flawless steaks
In summary. I’d come to this Gaucho if you’re entertaining. It’s got a very corporate feel rightly so as it’s in the heart of the city. I can’t see myself bringing Annie here though as I didn’t feel like it was a place I could bring a date to.
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