3 Ways To Joint A Chicken

Thank goodness for YouTube. You can find lots of videos showing you how to extract as much meat from a chicken as is humanly possible. After hours of watching these videos and several more hours spent practising the methods I settled on these two (the third way is just for fun) ways you can bone a chicken.

Two things I would say about these videos. First, professionals are They are of course performed by professionals, what you produce will probably look nothing like that at first, there is also a strong element of practise involved. I for one prefer my chicken meat to look a little more untidy, so long as I know that I’ve got as much out of that chicken as I possibly can.

The first was this clip. Now this isn’t a difficult way to joint a chicken and you only need one knife to do it, which is great if you are just starting out. It’s also fairly safe, I’ve never cut myself jointing a chicken this way. The cons are that because you’re not doing any fine knife work there is a fair bit of wastage, you can’t get all the meat off the chicken. The great thing is that you can get proficient ate this without too much practise.

This method takes a bit of practise, but it’ll allow you to get as much out of the chicken. I don’t really believe in leaving too much meat on the bone. Sure, the cuts of meat don’t look as great as they could, but I’m smug in the fact that I’ve got every single scrap of meat I possibly could out of that bird.

This method works best with a long handled, short bladed knife. The long handle will give you more control and the short blade gives you more leverage for cutting through joints.

This is really just for fun. Speed jointing at its very best Check it out from 4:40. He actually does bone the chicken in 18 seconds! I don’t really understand the value of the chicken massage, and I think I’ll have to go find out.

EDIT: Since then I’ve found this clip. Chef Pepin debones a chicken in a very neat and tidy way. This is the method I use exclusively now, because it’s quick and also because there is very little wastage. You can get pretty much everything off the bone!

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